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Production Services



Everyday we receive some of the best independent music and music videos from around the world. These works of art are carefully listened to, screened, and passed on to some of the top decision makers in the commercial music industry.

We're frequently told how great a particular track or video fits for an editor's TV placement, commercial, or rotation in a mainstream outlet. These tracks tend to receive contracts and get placements. - See Success Stories Here -

However, we also are frequently told that although the track or music video has great potential, it simply lacks certain broadcast-standard technical aspects required for commercial usage. 

It may be a muddy mix, a master with bad levels, an incorrect video color profile, a music video with no closed captioning for television, or any number of small details that keep a great artistic expression from being seen and heard by the world.

Due to the increased need for independent artists to stay up-to-speed in this ever-changing technical landscape, we're now offering you the production tools you need to be heard.


  • Mixing (for TV and Commercial Edits)
  • Remixing (for Radio Edits and Special Usages)
  • Mastering (for Broadcast Television)
  • Editing ("Word Reversing" - Cleaning up language for TV)
  • Pro Tools File Bouncing and Exporting
  • GRid (Global Release Identifier) Code Implementation for your Release
  • Optimizing Your Cue Sheet Data (For Royalty Payments)
  • DDP 2.0 Image Creation and Upload
  • Audio Optimization for Streaming Services (Audio and Metadata, Graphic Design)
  • Metadata Embedding and Implementation (BWF Standards as per the FADGI)
  • International Standard Recording Code Issuance
  • Performance Rights Organization Registration
  • Nielsen SoundScan & BDS Registration
  • File Formatting & Conversion For Broadcast (Sample Rates, Bit Depth, WAV File Header Info)


  • Color Correction & White Balancing (for Broadcast Television)
  • Closed Captioning (per FCC rules and guidelines)
  • Metadata Embedding and Implementation
  • Audio Adjustments for TV Usage
  • Video Analysis for Mainstream Placements
  • Editing For Specific Applications and Commercial Usage
  • File Conversion & Formatting For Network Delivery
  • Post Production - Sweetening, Sound FX & Mastering
  • Adobe After Effects & Photoshop Design
  • Logo & Brand Design
  • DVD & Blu-Ray Authoring
  • Streaming Video Optimization (Upload, Implement Metadata for YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)


We offer a free consultation for all production services. If you know what specific services you require, or even if you're unsure, simply fill out a brief inquiry form at the link below. You will be contacted by a production professional to help assess your particular needs, analyze your current technical status and provide guidance on the services that best suit you.