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SUCCESS STORY: Patrick Mahoney - "Las Vegas Raiders, Baby!"


Patrick Mahoney had his track "Las Vegas Raiders, Baby!" selected by producers as part of our Fox Sports Broadcast Placement Opportunity. The song is set to air on broadcasts throughout the current season.

Listen to the Song here:

OPP: Holiday Retail Rotation

Get Your Music into Holiday Retail Rotation and Earn Royalties.

OPPORTUNITY DETAILS: is currently selecting this season's holiday tracks for public performance playlist inclusion in high-profile, big-box retail outlets and public spaces. Songs do not have to be specifically holiday-themed lyrically or musically, they can be generally positive, uplifting and family-friendly to capture the general spirit of the holiday season. Both English and French tracks are welcome for inclusion in North American outlets.

OPP: NFL TV Placement

Get Your Music on NFL TV Broadcasts and Earn Royalties.

OPPORTUNITY DETAILS: is pitching select artists to music clearance executives, supervisors and editors who are preparing for the current NFL season. Editors are seeking all genres, new and old releases. Music will be used during the games, on highlight reels, pre/post game bumps, intro and outro clips, game trailers, and many other placements across all football-based outlets.

OPP: Apple Music Playlist Placement

Get Your Music on an Apple Music Playlist and Earn Royalties.

OPPORTUNITY DETAILS: is pitching select tracks for inclusion on high visibility Apple Music playlists. Music will be pitched based on genre, tempo, and mood to determine playlist applicability per song. Music selected for inclusion will earn royalties per play as compensated by Apple's current royalty rates.

OPP: VR Simulator Game

Get Your Music in a VR Simulator Game and Earn Royalties.

OPPORTUNITY DETAILS: is pitching independent tracks to a top-tier UK-based music licensing firm working on a slate of VR, augmented reality/mixed reality simulator experiences currently in pre-production. First round of games will include outdoor action VR experiences with on-demand music selected by individual users. Drop-down menus will include top popular artist's music as well as hand-selected, high-quality independent acts from around the globe. Music Opps has been selected to pre-screen independent acts for inclusion into the main library.

OPP: Home Improvement Commercial

Get Your Music in a Home Improvement Commercial and Get Paid.

OPPORTUNITY DETAILS: has been contacted to pitch motivational tracks for one of the largest Home Improvement big-box retail outlets in North America. Creative directors and editors are seeking highly inspirational, motivational tracks to sync with their own corporate staff footage and branding as a means to honor their hardworking employees during this critical time. Music should be fun, inspiring, high-energy, exciting, relating to triumph and sacrifice, teamwork and the go-getter team spirit. Tracks will be used in a multi-tier roll out throughout the year via in-house video sharing and internal corporate channels.

SUCCESS STORY: Nica Nashae - "Like I Do"


Nica Nashae had her track "Like I Do" selected by producers as part of our Spotify Playlist Placement Opportunity. The song is currently on a playlist followed by nearly 100,000 listeners along with other urban artists such as Drake, Rick Ross, and Nicki Minaj.

Listen to the Song here: