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OPP: TV Sports Licensing

Get your music played on major broadcast Sports Network TV.

OPPORTUNITY DETAILS: is offering music placement opportunities for mainstream television sports programming throughout this season. Specifically, we provide high energy/broadcast quality tracks to our alliances across all major TV sports networks. These networks include Fox Sports, ESPN, NFL Total Access, TSN, TNT, Speed TV, Root Sports, FS1, ABC and NBC.  If chosen your tracks will be passed on personally to our hand-selected producers, music supervisors, game day directors and editors.  Being part of their music library gives the producers the ability to download your music on the spot and sync it to highlight reels, clips and bumps. Get your music heard by millions of sports fans today.

Currently Open for Submissions

GENRES ACCEPTED: Rock, Alternative, Pop, Country, Hip-Hop, Dance and Instrumental.

-Tracks must be well-produced, professional, and ready for inclusion in television programming.
-Tracks must be high energy and appropriate for the content that it will be supporting.
-Artists must own all copyrights - please no uncleared samples or covers.
COMPENSATION: If selected, you are guaranteed to maintain all of your rights and will earn royalties from your P.R.O. (Performance Rights Organization) as seen on your quarterly statements. Sync fees may or may not be paid to the artist, on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of the producer. These songs will be exposed to millions of sports fans across the nation and on-screen chyron credit will be given as well as artist web links (where applicable).

SUBMISSION PROCESS: Songs submitted will all be reviewed thoroughly by staff. All tracks that match the submission criteria will then be passed along to the Television Network Producers for consideration into their broadcasts. If selected by the producers, will then provide the usage agreements and contact information from the producer directly to the artist to complete the process. There are no additional fees once an artist is selected, only the submission fee listed below.

NOTE: Even if you are not selected for this opportunity, you may be considered for future licensing opportunities.

- A streaming link of your song (for producers to stream). No file-delivery or FTP links.
- Both a WAV and MP3 of your song (if selected for broadcast). 

SUBMISSION FEE: $15.00 per song

STEP #1: Select a Payment Method below and complete your payment.
STEP #2: You will be forwarded to our Submission Form. Fill it out and click "Submit Music".
STEP #3: You will receive a confirmation email with details on your submission.

Pay with Altcoins.
(Fees include all labor & staffing necessary to assure your music is given the attention and consideration it deserves.)