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Mission Statement

Redefining modern music licensing: is a collective of seasoned industry insiders dedicated to providing top-tier opportunities and information for all artists, of all genres, regardless of "status". was formed under the idea that the music industry at large has become a highly segregated sector of major corporations and financiers working hand-in-glove with mega media outlets; who pride themselves on retaining "privileged information".  These collectives of individuals not only don't care about sharing this information, but work endlessly at all costs to conceal this knowledge, while exploiting artists and monetizing their work.

With seemingly no other options, Artists inevitably get coerced into signing agreements with these organizations and acquiesce to their every demand in order to make a living off of their art. Unbeknownst to most artists, these agreements typically include signing away the rights to all that is theirs and becoming an indentured servant for the aforementioned companies.   

What about the 99% of real artists, musicians and working bands on the planet that don't want to sign their lives away? What about individuals with integrity that create their own art, want to retain their rights and don’t have $50,000 a month to spend on a publicist/media/marketing/staff/attorneys and studio time? That's where we come in.

We believe in one simple idea: Without Artists, There Can Be No Art.

Therefore, we are committed to not only exposing these industry "secrets", debunking the industry dinosaurs, but also providing all artists with a gateway to major music placements, licensing, exposure, live performances and opportunities to succeed on a large scale while remaining autonomous and non-reliant on the "major-label-music-machine." We pride ourselves on being totally transparent and here to serve a cause greater than ourselves.

That said, we are a business, not a charity. However, any costs you see associated with opportunities are only there to cover our expenses and time. Having employees, databases, computers, phones and an ever-growing list of top-level industry connections costs money. It's as simple as that.

-We will never ask you to sign over your rights, ask you to "pay for play", or take control of any of your intellectual properties. 

-What is yours, is yours to keep.

-We believe in total autonomy for all artists.

-We are against artists being exploited and tricked into signing on the proverbial "dotted line."

-There are no hidden fees, subscription costs, special needs or anything else that will cost the artist more money above and beyond the listed submission fee. We have implemented the use of free sites for artists to use in order participate in our Opportunity Submission process. 

-No EPK's, RPK's, profile signups, diagnostic fees, or the need to "join a network" and build a page in order to maximize what we offer on our site. is an organization by artists, for artists, committed to making all music opportunities and information equal throughout the world.