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OPP: 2024 Summer Olympics

Get Your Music on the Summer Olympics and Earn Royalties.

OPPORTUNITY DETAILS: is pitching select artists for TV and streaming placements associated with “The 2024 Summer Olympics” held in Paris, France. Coverage starts July 26th and runs until September 11th with the Paralympics closing ceremonies. Music may be used on all National TV Broadcasts, affiliated streaming networks and licensed local TV segments. Usage also includes re-airings across North America and select international broadcasts.

Music selected may be used during the XXXIII games, remaining qualifying trial events, main event coverage, highlight reels, pre/post segment broadcasts, intro and outro clips, TV/commercial break trailers, pre-game promotions, trailers, athlete teasers and interviews, bumps, recaps, human interest pieces, pre-event broadcasts and more. The Olympics will air on major television networks in the U.S. Editors and segment producers historically use independent music alongside major label artists. Usage may include, but is not limited to NBCUniversal, Telemundo,/Universo, USA Network, E!, CNBC, The GOLF Channel, affiliate channels and streaming services internationally.

Currently open for submissions.

Rock, Indie, Pop, Hip-Hop, EDM, Orchestral, World Music, Instrumental, Cinematic Scores, cues and all applicable cross-genres. This opportunity is open to multi-cultural lyrics, but must be uplifting and encompass the spirit of triumph and perseverance. Spanish and English lyrics will be considered. Music submitted for consideration should be positive, exciting, reflective, uplifting, anthemic and celebratory in order to capture the spirit and emotion of the events.

- Tracks must be well-produced, professional, and ready for television play.
- Tracks must be high-energy and appropriate for public performance.
- Artists must own/control all copyrights - no uncleared samples or covers.

If selected, you are guaranteed to maintain all of your rights and will earn royalties from your P.R.O. (Performance Rights Organization) as seen on your quarterly statements. Up-front sync fees may be offered to the artist/act, on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of the producer and depending the usage of the song and the market viability of the act. On-screen chyron credit may apply where applicable, as determined by the segment editor at the network. International airings/re-airings will garner additional royalties as paid out by the artists' selected P.R.O., per their rates. Duplicate royalties for re-airs and multi-territory usage may result.

Songs submitted will all be reviewed thoroughly by Music Opps staff. All tracks that match the submission criteria will be passed along to producers and segment editors for final approval and consideration for use in their broadcasts. If selected, Music Opps staff may provide the usage agreements directly, however, all artist and publisher contact information will be provided directly to the producer and network’s legal department to complete the licensing process. Terms of compensation will be approved, negotiated and mutually agreed upon in private, via written instrument by the copyright owner(s) once final tracks are approved. does not meddle in negotiations, contracts or any financial transactions. only curates top lists for usage and consideration. If selected, your professional contact information and streaming links will be passed along to the deciding parties.

There are no additional fees once an artist is selected, only the submission fee listed below.

NOTE: Even if you are not selected for this opportunity, you may be considered for future licensing.

- A streaming link of your song (for producers to stream). No file-delivery or FTP.
- WAV file/MP3, metadata and artwork (once reviewed and selected for placement).

SUBMISSION FEE: $15.00 per song

STEP #1: Select a Payment Method below and complete your payment.
STEP #2: You will be forwarded to our Submission Form. Fill it out and click "Submit Music".
STEP #3: You will receive a confirmation email with details on your submission.

Pay with Altcoins.
(Fees include all labor & staffing necessary to assure your music is given the attention and consideration it deserves.)