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OPP: Home Improvement Commercial

Get Your Music in a Home Improvement Commercial and Get Paid.

OPPORTUNITY DETAILS: has been contacted to pitch motivational tracks for one of the largest Home Improvement big-box retail outlets in North America. Creative directors and editors are seeking highly inspirational, motivational tracks to sync with their own corporate staff footage and branding as a means to honor their hardworking employees during this critical time. Music should be fun, inspiring, high-energy, exciting, relating to triumph and sacrifice, teamwork and the go-getter team spirit. Tracks will be used in a multi-tier roll out throughout the year via in-house video sharing and internal corporate channels.

Currently Open for Submissions

Not genre specific. All tempos, moods and styles are welcome that fit the emotional needs. Family friendly, clean music only.

- Tracks must be well-produced, professional, and ready for commercial play.
- Tracks must be appropriate for public performance.
- No re-titles or uncleared samples.

Up to $5,500.00 USD per track. All-in, sync payout, MFN clauses apply. Terms of compensation will be approved, negotiated and mutually agreed upon by the copyright owners and the company in writing once final tracks are approved.

If selected by staff, your professional contact information and streaming links will be passed along directly to all deciding parties to finalize the transaction. Music Opps does not meddle in contracts, communication or any financial transactions.

Songs submitted will all be reviewed thoroughly by staff. All tracks that match the quality control and submission criteria will then be passed along to creative firm decision makers for consideration. If selected by the Execs, staff will then provide contact information and instructions on how to complete the process directly with the production team.

Music Opps does not take cuts from sync licensing payouts. Artists/Representatives are responsible for their own financial transactions, contracts, taxes etc.

There are no additional fees once an artist is selected, only the submission fee listed below.

NOTE: Even if you are not selected for this opportunity, you may be considered for future licensing and cross-pitched to other appropriate outlets served by staff. 

- A Spotify or SoundCloud streaming link. No file-delivery or FTP links.
- WAV, AIFF file and metadata/personal information (once selected for broadcast)

SUBMISSION FEE: $15.00 per song

STEP #1: Select a Payment Method below and complete your payment.
*If using PayPal, click "Return to Merchant" once payment is complete.
STEP #2: You will be forwarded to our Submission Form. Fill it out and click "Submit."
STEP #3: You will receive a confirmation email with details on your submission.
NOTE: We recommend using either FIREFOX or CHROME to submit. SAFARI will cause errors.

Pay with Altcoins.
(Fees include all labor & staffing necessary to assure your music is given the attention and consideration it deserves.)