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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

OPP: Top U.S. Booking Agency

Get signed to one of the top U.S. booking agencies.


White Knight Worldwide Media (BMI) and are currently scouting for high-quality independent acts to sign with one of the top talent/booking agencies in the USA. Agents are currently accepting bands, solo artists and DJ's for booking, representation, artist development and total brand management. With up to 20,000 bookings per year, the Agency is seeking new talent to expand their already robust roster.

SUBMISSION DATES: Oct 1, 2017 - Dec 1, 2017

Rock, Pop Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative, Indie, DJ, and all applicable sub-genres.

-Submit your top track, top videos (live play or music videos), and a website or professional EPK. Include phone number, email address and updated contact information.

Artist EPK's or website submissions will be reviewed thoroughly by staff. All talent that matches the quality requested by Talent Agents will then be passed along to the Agency directly for consideration. If selected by the agency, representatives from the agency will reach you directly. does not take cuts or meddle in any dealings. Once you are selected, you control the relationship and all aspects of the transaction.

NOTE: Even if you are not selected for this opportunity, you may be considered for other licensing opportunities.

SUBMISSION FEE: $20.00 per act/band

STEP #1: Select a Payment Method below and complete your payment.
*If using PayPal, click "Return to Merchant" once payment is complete.
*If using Bitcoin, click "Return to White Knight Worldwide Media" once payment is complete.
STEP #2: You will be forwarded to our Submission Form. Fill it out and click "Submit."
STEP #3: You will receive a confirmation email with details on your submission.

Pay With Bitcoin
(Fees include all labor & staffing necessary to assure your music is given the attention and consideration it deserves.)